AutoMax Car Finder Program

AutoMax’s Car Finder program means we’ll always have what you’re looking for! Using internet and automotive dealership connections right across the continent, we’ve fine-tuned our ability to locate and deliver the exact vehicle on your wish list. We’ve been doing it since 2001!

Worry-free shopping is one of our client service values, so we verify the integrity of every vehicle first, then we include bonded shipping, safety and/or emissions testing if required. Detailing, financing and extended warranty services are also available.
It’s that simple!

AutoMax Goes the Extra Mile

AutoMax goes above and beyond to win your business:

  • We gave one client driving lessons for the manual transmission car he purchased using Car Finder.
  • We helped create an elaborate surprise for one customer’s husband, when she purchased a late model BMW for his birthday, last year.
  • We’ve dealt with corporate fleet requests for everything from 24’ box crew cabs to bucket trucks.
  • We’ve even had the thrill of locating a $250 000 Ferrari for a local collector, who’s returned to us time and time again, because AutoMax delivers what we promise, every time.

AutoMax Puts You Behind the Wheel of that Special Vehicle!

Know what you want to drive, but can’t find it? Please submit details regarding the vehicle you are seeking and a representative from AutoMax will contact you shortly.

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