Car Scout

Car Scout

Scout. Shoot. Get Paid $100!

Join the AutoMax Car Scouts today!

Just what is an AutoMax Car Scout? We want you to take pictures of vehicles you see while driving anywhere across Ontario, that are for sale privately, by owner. If you see a car in a driveway, or parked on the street, with a private For Sale sign in the window, take a picture of the vehicle, and a picture of the sign with the phone number on it, then text or email it along with your name and phone number, to George, at AutoMax: 519-490-4883 or
As soon as we receive your submission we’ll create a Car Scout account for you, and document every vehicle photo you send to us. Then, our buyers work to contact the seller of the vehicle you scouted. You send the picture, we contact the seller.
We’ll send you a confirmation text/email when we receive your photo and another text/email if we successfully negotiate a sale. Every time we buy a car you scouted, you’ll receive a cheque for $100. What a great way to make your drive time profitable!
Scout. Shoot. Get paid $100. It’s that easy!

AutoMax Car Scout FAQ

How does this work?
1. Open your Car Scout account by sending a picture of a vehicle for sale along with your name and contact information to George:  or text 519-490-4883.
2. Our buyers will call the number in the photo to gather information about the car and attempt to negotiate a price.
3. If the seller agrees, we will arrange a vehicle inspection by our certified technicians.
4. Once the vehicle passes inspection, and a sale is successfully negotiated, AutoMax buys the car, and we send you $100!

When will I get my money?
We will text/email you when:

1. Our buyer starts working the deal.
2. The car is purchased or the seller doesn’t accept our offer.

You will be asked to provide your name and mailing address in order to receive payment.

What happens if the picture is unusable?
We will send you a message that we cannot get the information needed from the photo, and ask you to take another picture if possible.

What if two people send a picture of the same car?
All submissions are time stamped by the arrival of the email/text message. The first text/email received for a particular vehicle will be registered. Subsequent submissions will be informed that the vehicle is already registered.

How long does it take to get paid?
AutoMax begins the Car Scout process immediately after your submission is registered. It expires from our system 7 days after it is sent to AutoMax, unless the negotiation process is still underway.

What kind of vehicles is AutoMax looking for?
AutoMax looks for all kinds of vehicles, but we prefer vehicles with low mileage and without rust. If you’re not sure, visit our lot and look at our inventory. AutoMax is located at 75 Confederation St., Sarnia. You can get directions from the Google map at right.

What pictures do I submit?
Take a picture of the vehicle and be sure to take a clear picture of the contact information listed on the For Sale sign.

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