Introducing the MV-1

AutoMax is proud and excited to announce our partnership with MV-1 Canada to provide Canadians of any ability in the London – Sarnia – Windsor area with a reliable, quality, wheelchair-accessible vehicle that doesn’t break the bank.


We Took a Ramp… and Built a Vehicle Around it.

The MV-1 is the first vehicle of its kind in the world designed specifically for the needs of people who use wheelchairs and family care givers alike. Universally designed from the ground up for accessibility, the MV-1 marks a significant step forward in accessible transportation for Canadians.

No Conversion Required


“We took a ramp and built a vehicle around it” – that pretty much captures the power and simplicity of the MV-1. The MV-1 features an industry-leading, powered telescoping ramp that disappears beneath the floor, but above the frame, to ensure it is protected from the elements. By building at the factory instead of converting an existing vehicle, we have saved our customers thousands and thousands of dollars they can use elsewhere. In the MV-1, accessibility is a standard feature.

Feel the Freedom, not the Road.

Comfort should never be sacrificed for accessibility. From the Body-on-Frame design to the highest quality suspension, the MV-1 is designed to maximize comfort for every passenger.

Heavy Duty Suspension and Frame: The MV-1’s frame mounts to the body to create a rigid structure that supports the drive train. Add to this the top-quality front short long arm and rear de Deon suspension, the MV-1 delivers a super-smooth ride, but is built truck-tough.

Forethought, not Afterthought.

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Factory built to meet the changing needs of our customers and their families, the MV-1 represents a giant step forward in affordable accessibility that does not compromise quality.

With a door opening of a cavernous 56″x 36″, the MV-1 easily accommodates any size of wheelchair or scooter, while the large, internal cabin allows easy maneuverability inside the vehicle. The giant trunk storage area accommodates six full-size suitcases and two golf travel bags.

The MV-1, available for sale, lease or rent in the London / Sarnia / Windsor area, exclusively through AutoMax MV-1. Call 519.332.1232 or 800.306.0091 or contact us here to inquire about the MV-1, or book an appointment for a test drive.

Jeff Stoudt

Jeff Stoudt

AutoMax MV-1 Sales & Leasing

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