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We service what we sell!

Hear a noise? Need detailing? Warranty work? Check engine light on? We can help—

AutoMax has years of providing successful services under our belt, and offer everything from tires to brake work to engine service and simple oil changes.

Led by experienced Service Manager and Certified Mechanic Gilbert Lauzon, your service needs are a call away: (519) 332-1232 or Toll Free: 1-800-306-0091.

Ask about our complimentary Service Shuttle

Ask about our complimentary Service Shuttle


Cost-effective, Canadian-designed rustproofing protection for any vehicle—call us for a quick quote.

Professional Detailing

With a number of packages and cleaning equipment tuned for the finest of allergy sufferers, the AutoMax detailing department adds back the lustre missing from your ride. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

OilGARD Anti-Corrosion Service

Established in 1976, Canadian OilGARD protects like no other Anti-Rust

  • As an authorized OilGARD location, AutoMax is the best place for local corrosion protection. By 1975, Gord Hawken, the founder and inventor of Oil Gard Anti-Rust had vast agricultural, air force, and car dealership experience, and developed an effective, low cost product to help vehicle owners keep their vehicles longer.
  • The first OilGARD location opened its doors in Stratford, Ontario, growing rapidly, relocating to London, Ontario in 1980. The growth of the location was phenomenal, and by 1982, three more locations had opened under the OilGARD banner.
  • Call AutoMax today to discuss your corrosion protection and repair needs: (519) 332-1232 or Toll Free: 1-800-306-0091.

OilGARD Formula 2
Formula 2 is a combination of advanced rust inhibitors and petroleum-based solids, for a No-Drip finish with superior penetration of metal pores, seams, and joints, displacing existing moisture. Applied as a high-pressure fogged coating, Formula 2 rapidly penetrates and quickly forms a stable bond, creating an airtight barrier capable of fighting heat, stress, and reactive condensation breakdown. Best applied annually, it will protect your vehicle for a year.